Hay, what you know! You can get hair transplant by EMI
30th Jul

Hay, what you know! You can get hair transplant by EMI

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When people talk about hair transplant the first thing which will pop into their mind is the cost of the procedure rather than the quality of the procedure. But that is natural thought process because hair transplant has always been perceived as an expensive cosmetic procedure meant for the rich and famous. But that is not the case because top hair transplant clinics in India like Radiance Cosmedic Center offer affordable hair transplant surgery and it is now possible to get it done via Equated Monthly Installment (EMI).

Did you know that?


Believe it or not, financial institutions are more than willing to give a loan for hair transplant these days as long as the clinic and the doctor in question are reputed. Taking a loan for the hair transplant is now considered as an investment because it is being deemed as a confidence booster. Hair loss at a young age can deeply affect confidence and it is now possible to have natural looking hair.

Financial institutions view loan for hair transplant as a new market opportunity and that is why are careful when dispensing loans. They are interested who is the doctor because if the results are not good the patient will still pay the bank but would discourage others from taking the loan. Also, hair transplant is not expensive these days and clinics offer various packages and offers.

So if you are suffering from hair loss and do not want to spend a portion of your liquid savings, just contact your local financial institution, get a loan and look sharp.