Popular cosmetic surgeries for men in India
1st Sep

Popular cosmetic surgeries for men in India

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In a private survey it has been discovered that the most popular cosmetic surgeries for men in India are hair transplant, beard and moustache hair transplant and male breast reduction which proves that when it comes to looks and image men are as concerned as women. Thanks to advancement in the field of cosmetic surgery these procedures are not only effective but also take less time to perform and the patient can recover quickly.

Hair transplant in India

Hair loss is a common problem these days and a lot can be blamed on the environment but some of the mistakes are also contributed by us. When we take poor care of our body and fail to give proper nutrients hair fall can happen. Also the amount stress in day to day life is perhaps the greatest reason. However thanks to the advancement in hair reclamation procedure lost hair can almost be regained. One must expect almost not all because hair transplant is a camouflage to hide baldness and any clinic that guarantees full hair growth is lying. But enough new hair can be implanted to completely hide balding area.

Beard and Moustache hair transplant

This may come as a surprise but for those men who do not have sufficient facial hair or have suffered facial trauma, beard and moustache hair transplant is a reality. It has been observed that this procedure is perhaps the most complicated of all because the success rate can only depend on the skill and experience of the plastic surgeon. Everything is same except when it comes to implanting the harvested hair in the correct angle so when the hair grows in about nine months it looks natural and not patchy. Also hair can be successfully implanted over scars and growth is possible.

Male breast reduction

There are many reasons that have been attributed to male breast pattern which is an embarrassing problem for any man to have. However modern plastic surgery can solve this problem and provide with a permanent solution with male breast reduction surgery. It only takes two to three hours and the patient can return home the same day. Couple of days of rest and wearing a compression garment for three to four weeks the chest becomes flat and with exercise one can have strong pectoral muscles and can freely wear tight shirts.