Gynecomastia Surgery is the best solution to get rid of Male Breast Pattern
4th Nov

Gynecomastia Surgery is the best solution to get rid of Male Breast Pattern

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Male breast pattern or Gynecomastia is very embarrassing and distressing condition for men because often men who suffer from this problem are marked for cruel jokes. There are cases where the condition becomes so pronounced men have to resort to wearing extra tight innerwear like the leotard or wear loose fitted cloths. This is one medical condition that defiantly affects a person’s confidence self-esteem because man’s chest should firm and hard because that is the symbol of power and is known to cause the downward spiral in professional and personal life. However, there is a way out and with awareness, this condition can be resolved and there is no room for feeling shy because this is one problem which cannot stay hidden.

Why some men suffer from Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia occurs in some men when there is the abnormality in the ratio between androgens and estrogens. Because of this disturbance in the endocrine system, a male develops an abnormal growth in his chest area which resembles female breasts. Usually, this may occur during the pubertal stage or in older males but in children, after some time it goes away.

Is Male breast reduction is the best solution for Gynecomastia?

To put is simply the answer is yes because surgery is the best solution for Gynecomastia. This is the outpatient procedure which means you go to the clinic in the morning and by evening you are home resting and no one needs to know. The recovery time is only three weeks and there is no scarring since the doctor will make a very small incision to suck out the fat. Also if necessary the doctor might remove the breast glands but all this will be discussed before surgery. After that, you can resume physical exercise and never ever have to worry about getting ridiculed or made fun off.