6 Things to know Before You Get Your Hair Transplanted
15th Feb

6 Things to know Before You Get Your Hair Transplanted

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Are you getting your hair transplanted, well this is a serious decision and we understand that you’ve many queries about it. We know that you’ve put ample time deciding it.

Here in this blog we will talk about 6 important things you should know before you book your hair transplant appointment. 

1) Hair transplant can only happen with what you have

Hair transplantation is a great procedure that brings back you hair along with your confidence. The process works like magic and help you to have thick and luscious looking hair. But hair plantation can only be performed on what you already have. If you have a thinning hairline, on the crown section on the crown area, then the hair plantation can be done over the sides. That’s why it is recommended to have the hair plantation as soon as possible. If you lost all the hair go bald, then unfortunately there is no option of getting a hair transplanted. Look for the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi who will offer advance pigmentation treatments that might be helpful.

2) Transplanted hairs are just like natural hair

The professionals are often asked by the clients how they must maintain the transplanted hair. There are so many questions and confusions. Clients are concerned if they do not maintain the hair properly; they will spoil it and overtime loses it.

Most of the Delhi hair clinics provide a recommendation of shampoos and different products to use on the artificial hair. But the truth is transplanted hair could be handled like natural hair. No special products or shampoos are required.

3) Hair transplant is a permanent solution

Yes, the hair transplant procedure is an everlasting and a stable solution. When you are deciding which treatment you should choose, always remember it is a permanent procedure and cannot be reversible after some time. So if you are making a decision for hair restoration, then you must invest ample amount of time thinking about it. If you are confused, you can take experts advice from clinics of hair transplant in Delhi.

4) The cost of a hair transplant 

The expenditure of a hair transplant may vary from one clinic to another and it is indeed a major thing to take into consideration when getting the hair transplanted. At Radiance Cosmedic Centre, we get usually asked about the expenses before the consultation booking. Hair transplant in Delhi can be very expensive in the long run.

Hair transplants can be expensive but the price is worth justified if you see in the long term. It is crucial to decide how much money to spend and save by not spending over expensive hair products. The hair transplant is one of the most cost-effective procedures that will reach the best possible outputs for you.

5) Hair transplant procedures have two different kinds

In the matter of hair transplantation, there are two different kinds of procedures are provided, sometimes clients get confused to pick the right choice for them. If you are determined to have hair restoration, then you must know there are two types of hair transplantation process. One is FUE (follicular unit extraction) and the other one is FUT (follicular unit transaction). In the past few years FUE has been the most recommended and favorable choice.

6) Choosing a good clinic is important 

Selecting the right transplant clinic is very important for an accurate procedure. Choose the clinic which is the proper license and faculty to complete the process. There are numerous choices in Delhi, definitely one of the most popular and trusted names is Radiance Cosmedic Centre.