Botox is a procedure in which medicinal injection is given to the patient at the area affected. This is done in order to cure an improve Vertical grooves or creases between your eyebrows and other areas of face.


Our most prominent feature is our face and as we get older the first signs of ageing can be seen on our face. Fortunately cosmetic surgery can slow down the ageing process and the procedures like face lift, eye lid surgery and nick lift are subtle after you get it done one would only see your


We all want a firm toned body and with the help of modern cosmetic surgery it is now possible to have a toned figure. Pregnant women can have firmer breast with breast reduction or enhancement. Women can say good bye to C-Section scars and men can have male breast reduction for firm chest.


A women’s breast has been admired and written about for centuries and with the help of modern cosmetic surgery it is now possible for women to have the breasts which they want. Modern surgery can enhance or reduce women’s breasts and give them the right shape and symmetry.


Hair loss can be terrible feeling for anyone particularly if you are young. However at Radiance Cosmedic Center for excellence in hair transplant you can receive both FUT and FUE hair transplant procedures for natural looking hair with maximum coverage. And Yes the results are permanent!


Lack of dental leads to many medical complications which is why it is important to visit a dentist who is capable of providing holistic dental services for you and your family. Radiance Cosmedic Center for Holistic Dental Care offers a variety oral care services which prevents tooth decay and helps