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  • Body Lift Surgery in Delhi NCR
    Body Lift Surgery

    Body Lift Surgery in Delhi NCR

    We all want to look our best and do everything in our power to make that happen. But sometimes after massive weight loss we are left with excess skin, fat and other tissues which no amount of exercise can get rid of. If that is the case Body Lift is the only option to get rid of excess fat and skin. Once the fat and excess skin are removed the results are permanent and more important it looks natural.

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    And at the Radiance Cosmetic Centre for excellence in Plastic surgery, you will get the best consult by Dr Mayank Singh MS.MCh who will help you in deciding which location of the surplus skin would prove beneficial for you undergo to get rid of fat.

    The patient depending on the location of surplus skin or fat may choose the following

    • Upper
    • Mid
    • Lower body lift

    The purpose of body lift is to improve and give better shape and tone of the underlying tissue that supports fat and skin. After the doctor has marked the body part for surgery all excess sagging fat and skin are removed.


    Body lift is performed on these following areas

    There are several factors like pregnancy, fluctuation in weight and genetic factors which contribute to poor tissue elasticity which result in sagging of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. That is why Body Lift is a safe and effective plastic surgery procedure to remove excess fat deposits through liposuction to give patient natural body contours.

    Radiance Cosmetic Centre for excellence in plastic surgery under the austere leadership of Dr Mayank Singh have helped several patients both men and women lead a normal, healthy life by giving them precision plastic surgery for the firm and toned body.


    At Radiance Cosmetic Centre nothing comes before, except the best interests of our patients, which are our number one priority!

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