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  • Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Delhi
    Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

    Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

    Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR) is a special surgery performed to enhance sexual gratification for women when the sensual side of sexual gratification is diminished. This is a very important cosmetic surgery which enables some women to enjoy sex which is only normal because sometimes due to childbirth the sensation women feels in her vagina ceases and this is the procedure which helps enhance that feeling. After this procedure is performed to rejuvenate the vagina a woman is able to achieve the best sexual experience.

    To go through LVR procedure, it is important to have the following information so that you are better prepared for the surgery.

    1. When you will meet the doctor you must divulge all information of your medical history and the medications and vitamins which you may be taking.
    2. DO not take any of the following over the counter drugs like Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Naprosyn, and because they are blood thinners and could cause excessive bruising, bleeding or other complications. Before the surgery, the doctor will give you a list of medications to avoid prior to your procedure.
    3. No smoking for two weeks before and one week after the surgery. The nicotine has properties which can impact circulation and healing.
    4. No consumption of alcohol two weeks before and one week after the surgery.
    5. Consume lots of water days leading up to your LVR.

    How is it done?

    This is an outpatient procedure which may last between one to two hours and using a mixture of local anesthetics and adrenaline a special solution called tumescent fluid is created which is injected into the anterior and posterior vaginal walls for a bloodless LVR. A laser is used to do all the cutting and dissecting and sutures are used to tighten the muscles of the upper/anterior, lower/posterior and perineum as per the requirement of the patient. Once this is done a vaginal pack is placed and then you are transferred to the recovery room.

    The recovery period for the patient can last between one to two hours after the surgery is finished and they can go home being accompanied by a friend or relative.

    All precautions are taken to ensure the patient is comfortable and does not feel discomfort during and after the procedure is completed. That is why a pudendal block is given to provide eighteen to twenty-four hours post operative pain control anesthesia.

    What can be expected after the surgery?

    After the surgery is finished you will notice a vaginal pact in the form of white gauze outside the opening of the vagina which will be removed the next day.

    There could be some bruising, swelling and pain after the surgery is over and the swelling may last for two to four weeks. The Doctor will give you pain medication to control any discomfort, however, if you experience severe pain, contact us immediately.

    One of the common side effects of taking the prescribed pain medications is constipation so you should use a stool softener. Also, consume plenty of fluids and eat fruits and vegetables which help to keep the stools soft.

    It is important to apply ice packs to the perineum off and on for the first 48 hours as it helps to minimize swelling.

    The recovery process differs from patient to patient but most people are able to walk comfortably within a day after the surgery. You may take bath two or three days after the surgery and wear comfortable underwear and clothing for.

    It is important to take week days off from your normal duties because it is important you are rested well to heal. Your Vagina could remain very sensitive for the next two or three weeks so no strenuous physical activities should be performed like lifting heavy objects. As you heal and once the doctor is fully satisfied you may return to your normal activities and resume light exercise.

    After Six weeks and once the doctor give a go ahead you may resume sex because by this time you would be probably fully healed.

    Dr. Mayank Singh is a trained plastic surgeon and has performed the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation procedure several times successfully. So if you have more questions you can fix an appointment at Radiance Cosmedic Centre for excellence in plastic surgery.

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