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  • Six Pack Abs Surgery
    Six Pack Abs Surgery

    Six Pack Abs Surgery in Delhi

    Liposculpture is an advanced version of liposuction that permanently removes the undesirable fat using tumescent cosmetic surgery technique to smooth, sharpen, sculpt and tighten the body.  This is a minimal invasive procedure that is more effective and precise than a traditional liposuction method. Also known as, abdominal etching, this sculpts the fat tissues residing underneath the skin. A detailed marking is outlined by the surgeon on the abdominal before conducting the surgical procedure. Small incisions are formed to remove the fat from the desired sites, thinned and rearranged to accentuate the rectus muscles and linea alba. It is a less traumatic surgical process because the most précised and refined instruments and tools to carry out the whole procedure with little bruises and bleeding. To form six- pack abs, lipo filling method is used to transfer the fat from one body site to another. Liposclulpture significantly improves the body appearance and boosts up self-esteem and confidence in a treated patient.

    Procedure for Six pack Abs surgery by our Surgeon

    Ab etching is a proven plastic surgery to reshape and contour the abdominal fat pad with a flatter stomach. During the procedure, a small amount of selective fat is removed around the natural muscle contours from a targeted area to sculpture the abdomen to provide a more athletic abdominal contour of 6- 8 packs. A patient with 1-2 inches of pinch- able belly fat is a suitable candidate for this procedure. The surgery is performed in a single session that takes an hour to complete the contour. Male abdominal contouring surgical methods are performed under general anaesthesia. After completing the marking on the external stomach skin, the expert surgeon forms 2-3 incisions within the natural pleats or inside the belly to insert the cannula to suck up the undesired fat and to shape grooves in the remaining fat. After the procedure, a patient is advised to attire a pressing garment on the upper body to control swelling as well as to maintain the new abdominal contour. A noticeable difference is visible within 6 months after ab etching procedure. Surgical bruises fade away with the time.

    Dr. Mayank Singh at Radiance clinics, Delhi, excels in the field of cosmetic surgery with his years of practice and dedication of serving mankind with promised and visible body contouring results.

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