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  • Breast Reduction Surgery Delhi
    Breast Reduction

    Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

    Large breasts have always been attributed to beauty and a women’s vitality but there is also another side to this story which is how uncomfortable it can be for women to disproportionally have large breasts.

    When women’s breasts are disproportionally large it can cause

    • Back problem
    • Neck pain
    • Emotional issues

    That is why many women prefer getting breast reduction surgery or Mammoplasty which allows them to have a proportional size breast. At Radiance Cosmedic Centre for Excellence in Plastic Surgery we are not only concerned about your physical appearance but also your emotional state because we want what is in your best interest.

    That is why it is very necessary to be open and answer truthfully all the questions about you’re full medical history and that of your family and what medication you are taking. The doctor will also take some pictures and examine your breast and will let you know how much breast tissue will need to be removed to achieve proportional breasts.

    Before surgery, you would probably go through extensive checkups which the doctor will recommend seeing if your body can handle the surgery. You will be asked to get the following checkup and some other instructions like

    • Mammogram test
    • Particular blood test
    • If you smoke cigarettes regularly you will have to quite for an appropriate time period
    • No alcohol consumption a week before and 6 to 8 weeks after the surgery
    • You would have to wear a special surgical bra for a period of time as instructed by the doctor

    How it is done?

    The whole surgery may last anywhere between two to five hours and sometimes longer. For this surgery, you will be under general anesthetic which means you will be asleep all the time while the surgeon will make a incision around your nipple then downward on the breast in the form of a keyhole. Extra skin, tissue and fat from your breasts will be removed and then the doctor will reposition your nipple.

    This is an outpatient procedure and the patient can leave after the effects of anesthesia wore off. However at times, you may have to stay in the clinic for one night for observation and precaution if the surgery lasted longer because your safety and physical well being are our priority. Afterward you can go home and it is important you are being accompanied by someone.

    What is the recovery period and how soon I can start work?

    It is important to take at least a week and sometimes it might take longer off so plan ahead.

    How long will it take for the bandages and stitches to be removed?

    After you are discharged a follow-up appointment will be made and during that time the bandages and the stitches will be removed.

    How soon I can start exercising?

    There should be no strenuous activity for one month or more after the surgery is completed.

    Will there be some discomfort after the surgery?

    Feeling a little discomfort is natural and you will be tired and you will have breast pain but that can be taken care of by prescribed oral pain medication. Also if you feel depressed and are having an emotional reaction feel free to talk to the doctor and let him know of your feelings and concerns.

    Also if you encounter any other complication like

    • Reaction to medication
    • Sign of infection and fever
    • Unusual discharge from the incision area including pus
    • If any stitches get undone before it is supposed to be removed

    Are their side effects?

    There will be some scarring initially after the surgery but these fade away after some time but never completely disappear that is why all efforts will be made to minimize scarring.

    If you do some work which is strenuous in nature the scars will get worse.

    In rare cases the patient’s nipple area may not heal adequately and in that case skin grafts are required.

    Things you can do to get better results!

    It is very important to have a plastic surgeon who is competent but it is equally important since this is an important life decision that you prepare yourself mentally and have a positive outlook. Also since most people plan ahead it would be very helpful if you keep yourself physically fit before the operation because a healthy body and mind can go a long way in healing quicker.

    Also at home, you will have to have the following things to help you recover

    • Only wear loose comfortable T-Shirts
    • Have plenty of ice
    • Buy gauze and towels only to be used by you
    • Some ointments and cream will be prescribed by a doctor to apply so make sure you have them

    Our clinic in Greater Kailash is equipped with all modern surgical apparatus and we have all the facilities and the right staff to make this important life journey a pleasant experience.

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