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  • Gynecomastia Surgery Before & After

    Gynecomastia Surgery Before & After

    Explore our before and after Gynecomastia Surgery which was performed at our Delhi Clinic. Male Breast reduction surgery results in Delhi NCR which performed which was performed by Dr. Mayank Singh. Notice the absence of visible scarring after the surgery because we make a minor incision which after few weeks is not visible to the naked eye.

    All this is possible due to our precision liposuction technique which allows us to suck maximum fat from the chest to make it flat. All photos are of patients taken after four to six weeks after they had Gynecomastia Surgery and the results are permanent.

    See our given below Gynecomastia surgery result photo gallery:

    Male Breast Reduction Surgery Male Breast Reduction Surgery 1 Male Breast Reduction Surgery 2 Gynecomastia Surgery Before & After

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