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  • Nipple & Areola Surgery
    Nipple & Areola Surgery

    Nipple & Areola Surgery Delhi

    Lot of women sometime feel that their nipples and areolas are not proportionate and most women who seek nipple and areolas correction are unhappy with the current appearance and size. Common issues with areola are disproportionately large ones or those that protrude with a puffy appearance. In the case of nipple the reasons include ones are inverted, asymmetric or enlarged nipple. However with the help of modern plastic surgery this problem can be overcome with great results.

    Procedure for inverted nipple, how it is done?

    The inverted nipple procedure begins with a small incision placed near the base of the nipple and to reverse the surgeon gently spreads apart the fibers which are responsible for pulling the nipple inward. Once this is done successfully the nipple has been freed and is facing outward, and the fibers have been spread apart. After that the surgeon stitches up the incision carefully to ensure minimum scarring.

    Procedure for reduction of areola and how it is done?

    The removal of some of the pigmented areas is the way for reducing areola and this is done by making an incision around the areola or at the base of the nipple. However it is up to the surgeon what is the best course of action which would have been already discussed with the patient.

    Is this is an outpatient procedure?

    Yes it is very much an outpatient procedure and it is done under local anesthetic, however very occasionally, a patient might get too nervous and in that case we administer oral or intravenous sedation.

    Complications & Risks

    There are always risks associated with any medical procedure, however vast majority of patients who undergo nipples and areolas procedure never experience any complications either during or after the surgery. But we at Radiance Cosmedic Centre for Excellence in Plastic Surgery believe all information with regards to risks must be shared with the patient.

    Rare complications faced by patients are

    • Not getting the desired aesthetic outcome of the surgery.
    • Bleeding, infection, nerve damage which might lead to temporary or permanent numbness.
    • Possibility of visible scarring

    That is why this procedure is recommended for women who are done having children because after having this particular procedure the ability to breastfeed is usually preserved but there is always the small possibility of complications caused by having this procedure.

    How much time does it takes to recover from this procedure?

    The recovery period for nipple and areola surgery in Delhi NCR is relatively brief but it depends form patient to patient. However one can resume work within a couple of days but it is strongly recommended that you plan ahead and take a few days off. After the surgery patient might feel some discomfort and some prescribed pain relievers can make you feel comfortable. Also it is important not indulge in from of high-intensity exercises and abstain from any sexual activity for a few weeks.

    For further information it is now very simple to book an appointment through our website or you can call us directly. Dr. Mayank Singh is a board certified plastic surgeon and is an expert in nipple and areola surgery.

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