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  • Get Cosmetic Face Surgery in Delhi
    Face Surgery

    Get Cosmetic Face Surgery in Delhi

    Face surgery or Simply reconstructive surgery or reconstructive plastic surgery is conducted to restructure protruding ears, droopy nose, receding chin, crooked smile, cleft lip and palate and witling neck and to improve the appearance of skin by removing moles, birthmarks and acute injury scars. Reconstructive plastic surgery consists of Rhinoplaty, Blepharoplasty, Otoplasty and Dermabrasion including ear lobe, chin augmentation and scar revisions repair that contributes to restore the natural beauty of face as well as proportionate the visibility of facial features. Reconstructive surgery is an effective and safe technique to treat the defects and deformities received due to traumas, critical accidents, serious burns and failed previous surgeries. Common plastic surgical procedures are face lift, chin implants, thread lift, brow lift, dimple creation, neck lift and lip augmentation & reduction. Dr. Mayank Singh is a leading plastic surgeon from Radiance cosmedic centre, Delhi, who serves the patient community of both genders with customized facial surgery Delhi services.

    A Brief consultation and diagnose prior to facial surgery:

    Dr. Mayank Singh schedules an initial level screening with a concerned patient for analysing the condition of imperfections or blemishes or disfigurements. Necessary tests, x-rays and scans are done to complete the diagnose procedure.

    What types of facial problems are treated with Facial Surgery or Face Surgery?

    • Septoplasty/ Rhinoplasty:

    Internal and external nose face surgery in which bones and cartilages are reshaped and reconstructed to balance the appearance of a nose with respect of facial features.

    • Rhytidectomy:

    A reconstructive surgery of neck and facial region to control the excess of wrinkles, signs of aging and tighten the skin.

    • Blepharoplasty:

    The surgery improves the appearance of lower eyelids/ upper eyelids to improve the look of eyes.

    The surgical procedure removes the excess of fat and skin from the neck and under the chin.

    • Browlift:

    The surgery that improves the appearance of droopy eyes and forehead wrinkles.

    • Otoplasty:

    This surgery is conducted to reconstruct the ear cartilage so these ears protrude less.

    • Skin resurface procedures:

    Surgery is accomplished using chemical peels, dermaabrasion and lasers to improve the visibility and smoothness of the skin.

    • Facial Implants:

    The surgery restructures the certain facial features such as chin, cheek and lips to redefine the prominence

    • Facial reconstruction:

    The surgery to restructure the face by improving deformities or defects as a result of injuries, diseases and failed prior face surgery. Correction of congenital abnormalities, removal of scars and birthmarks, reconstructing cancer surgery deficits and repair of lacerations comes underneath the facial reconstruction surgical procedure.

    Utilization of injectable, chemical peels and microdermabrasion and Laser to enhance as well improve the appearance of face and skin texture. Dysport, Botox, Sculptra, fillers, Rediesse and Restylane and Juvederm are the non-surgical techniques used to accomplish the procedure.

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