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  • Chemical Peel Treatment Delhi
    Chemical Peel Treatment

    Looking for the best Chemical Peel Treatment in Delhi?

    Who doesn’t like to be the proud owner of glowing, radiant skin all the time – but the task is easier said than done. When we are younger, our cells regenerate much faster, leaving our skin looking as gleaming as ever. But as we grow older, our body loses the ability to replenish itself quite as fast. Stress, pollution and free radicals make their foray into the scene as well, making our skin look duller and more lifeless every passing day.

    But does that mean it has to stay that way? Not at all. Cosmetic science has advanced enough in the last many years to be able to find simple, non-invasive and reasonably-priced solutions for problems like this.

    As it happens to be, Chemical Peeling is a perfect answer to most of your skin-related worries, which only keeps worsening as you cross the threshold of mid-20’s. It is hard to stop the passage of time, but with the help of procedures like chemical peeling, you can reverse its effect on your skin.

    What is Chemical Peeling?

    Chemical peeling is a non-surgical procedure where a chemical solution is applied like a mask to the skin you wish to rejuvenate – mostly face, neck or hands – and when peeled off, it effectively exfoliates the dead skin cells on the topmost surface of the skin, making space for newer and healthier cells to grow in its place.

    Chemical peeling is one of the most easily achieved, cost effective and result in yielding techniques of skin replenishment that is currently available. Depending on the level of peeling, one can repeat the procedure frequently to hold on to the beneficial effects of the procedure and enjoy a luminescent skin constantly. Needless to say, chemical peels in South Delhi has been an increasingly favourite cosmetic procedure that clients are choosing and often coming back to, for the betterment of their skin.

    What are the benefits of Chemical Peeling?

    Although the potential result of chemical peeling varies from person to person and also depends a lot on the kind of treatment you go for and the types of problems you are addressing, in a generic sense, it gets you the following benefits.

    • Removal of dead cells
    • Rejuvenation of skin
    • Correction of irregular skin pigmentation
    • Fixing acne and pimples
    • Smoothening of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Treating excessive sun tan
    • Blocking enlarged pores
    • Conditioning rough skin and dry patches
    • Reduction of scars and marks
    • Initiation of growth of new skin cells
    • Making the skin bright, glowing and radiant

    But before diving headfirst into the procedure, you should consult a cosmetic surgeon first and also find out the best chemical peeling cost in South Delhi. When you are exposing your skin to a delicate treatment such as this, you have every right to get the most superior service – nothing less.

    Best Chemical Peel Treatment Cost

    What are the different types of Chemical Peeling?

    There are three different types of chemical peeling of three different levels of intensity, technique and consequent results from which you can choose. If you are confused as to which one to go with, trust your chemical peeling clinic to recommend the best one for you.

    Superficial Peels

    Intensity: Mild
    Frequency: 2-5 weeks
    Chemical used: Mild dilute acid – glycolic acid, dry ice or solid carbon dioxide
    Targeted area: Epidermis

    Medium Peels

    Intensity: Moderate
    Frequency: 3-9 months
    Chemical used: Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA)
    Targeted area: Epidermis and upper dermis

    Deep Peels

    Intensity: Strong
    Frequency: Once
    Chemical used: Phenol
    Targeted area: Epidermis and dermis

    Radiance Cosmedic Centre is among the premium clinics that offer chemical peels treatment in Delhi. Together with state-of-the-art equipment and the skilled dexterity of our surgeons, we promise our clients exclusive care, top-notch treatment, and effective results.

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