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  • Dimple Creation Surgery in Delhi, Dimple Treatment Surgeon
    Dimple Creation

    Dimple Creation Surgery in Delhi

    Dimple Treatment Services in South Delhi

    Dimple creation surgery or dimple surgery is a reliable and reproducible surgical procedure to create natural and permanent dimples by passing an absorbable transcutaneous biopsy stich against the inner cheek that creates a cylindrical shallow defect by leaving the external skin intact. An aesthetic surgical knot is tied and forms an attractive dimple on both sides of cheeks even without smiling. Dimple construction surgery is non-invasive and safe as no tissues of the buccal mucosa excised and chances of bleeding and haematoma formation are negligible. Anatomically, natural dimples are caused by bifid or double zygomaticus muscle of cheeks as the facial strands inset into the dermis to form a dermal tethering effect. Dr. Mayank Singh is a brilliant plastic surgeon available at Radiance Cosmedic Centre offers dimple creation surgery in Delhi service to help out the interested youngsters, including men and women.

    Dimple Creation Surgery or Dimple Surgery procedure:

    Initially, the surgeon inspects the dimple creation site and aesthetically plans and does the marking on the proposed site. A tiny stab incision is formed with a knife towards the lip on the marked site. The sharp edge of the blade is inserted below the targeted dimple site to scrap off mucomuscular attachments on the mucosal site without breaching it. In order to construct a small dimple, small areas is scraped off and to create a wider dimple, wider area is scrapped off with a knife. A dent or a defect is formed. Adhesion is created and maintained as a next step. A straight needle is passed through the skin and inserted through the mucosa and brought back out through the mucosa to form a bolster stich. It gives a longitudinal dimple. Vaseline gauze is filled between the mucosa, stich and the skin.

    Dimple surgery is a minor surgical procedure that is conducted under the administration of local anaesthesia within 20 minutes.

    Post- Operative Care and Recovery:

    The healing period varies from 7-10 days with minimal swelling, tightness and numbness. Bolster stich is removed by the surgeon on the 7 day of surgery. A static dimple hint can be noticed after removing the stich. With the time, created dimples get prominent to enhance the beauty of a patient’s face. Dimple surgery leaves no mark of a stab incision on the external cheek. No major bleeding, acute pain and weakness occur during the recovery period.

    Dimple creation surgery in Delhi blesses a patient with natural- looking dimples as the one is born with these!

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