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  • Earlobe Repair Cost Delhi Earlobe Repair Surgery, Surgeon
    Earlobe Repair Cost Delhi

    Earlobe Repair Cost Delhi

    Ear Lobe Repair

    Ear lobe surgery is a revolutionary procedure that is different from Otoplasty and is conducted to repair or reconstruct the torn or split ear lobes occurred because of trauma or intentional gauging or improper piercing or wearing of jewellery or keloid scarring. Ear lobe repair in an effective and secure procedure that restores the natural symmetry of earlobes by renovating the ugly earlobe splits that blemish the sheer beauty of a patient’s face. Ear lobes are made up of fat and skin and contain no bones and cartilage. Therefore, these are prone to split up by pulling downward or yanked by some object. It is a relatively simple surgical procedure in which the plastic surgeon removes the excess skin, and stich backs the fresh edges by sutures. After the repaired ear lobes are healed, a patient can go ahead to pierce the ears once again to wear desired jewellery. Dr. Mayank Singh, a renowned plastic surgeon situated in Delhi, provides progressive ear lobe repair services for both genders men and women including the youngsters. Ear lobe repair cost Delhi is available at Radiance Cosmedic Centre, a famous one- stop clinic for wide- ranging cosmetic surgeries.

    What is ear lobe repair or ear lobe surgery?  

    Local anaesthesia is the prescribed administration for performing ear lobe repair. Ear lobe surgery is performed as an outpatient basis and the time of surgery depends upon the nature and degree of the surgical procedure. The standard time for surgery is 1 hour.

    During the surgical procedure, the plastic surgeon removes the skin lining of piercing track of tear in order to remove excess tissues and place the sutures to join back the splits together. A patient with split lobe has to wait for wound recovery before undergoing the ear lobe surgery.

    The sutures get dissolved within a week after the ear lobe surgery. A patient can go for re-piercing within a month after the operated earlobes are completely healed.

    Ear lobe Repair post- operative care and recovery:

    The operated patient experiences swelling, pain and discomfort in the ear lobe operated region, and it can be controlled by over- the –counter pain medication. Stretching and numbness are the minor post- surgical symptoms but these get mitigated in a few weeks. No surgical scars or redness remain visible after a few months of the surgery.

    It is a non- invasive surgical procedure as there are no chances of serious pain, acute complications or itching or any major infection.  Ear lobe repair cost Delhi is affordable to comfort all communities with different statuses.

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