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  • Lip Augmentation & Reduction Services, Lip Surgery Delhi
    Lip Augmentation & Reduction

    Lip Augmentation & Reduction Services

    Lip Augmentation and Lip Reduction

    Lip augmentation and reduction both are surgical and non- surgical procedures that are carried out with an objective of enhancing and improving the appearance of lips by broadening or adding fullness to the lips and reducing or decreasing the thickness of lips respectively. Shape, structure and volume of the upper lip and lower lip alter get propionate with the rest of facial features. A patient dissatisfied with the appearance of thin lips or protruding lips can opt for permanent lip augmentation or lip reduction surgery by consulting an expert plastic surgeon. Dermal fillers or fat injections are inoculated into the lips around the targeted site of mouth of all genders to compliment the facial beauty. Lip reduction is a secure and easy procedure for treating post trauma, droopy skin around lips, buck tooth appearance and bigger upper or lower lips. Patients, who are unhappy with the outcome of previous lip augmentation and reduction procedure, are also eligible to undergo the treatment again to balance out the facial appearance. Radiance cosmedic centre headquartered in Delhi run by a specialized plastic surgeon Dr. Mayank Singh proffers lip augmentation & reduction services to improve the facial profile of concerned male and female clients.

    How lip augmentation and reduction surgery is performed?  

    Lip augmentation and reduction surgery can be performed to fix the deformities of upper lip and lower lip.

    Lip reduction is accomplished under the administration of local or general anaesthesia as depending upon the nature of treatment within a short duration of 30 minutes on an outpatient basis. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon made a horizontal incision from inside of the lip. Excess fat and tissues are removed and secured with internal sutures.

    Lip augmentation does not require anaesthesia as the fillers contain lidocaine or topical anaesthesia.  Results are visible in just 30 minutes right after injecting the fillers. Lip implant augmentation procedure is a less invasive technique that is accomplished in an hour on anaesthesia injected lips. Incisions are made at the corners of the mouth, and a thin tunnel is created by the surgeon for accommodating or settling down the implants proportionately. Lip implant is indeed the finest and accurate technique to reconstruct the lips.

     Post- Surgery Recovery:

    Remarkable post- operative results can be noticed after the full recovery.

    Post- operative mild swelling, stretching, pain and bruising take place and can be mitigated by oral antibiotics and medications. Horizontal incision and sutures fade away during the recovery. Redness on the outer lips gets subsided in the following weeks. Lip augmentation and lip reduction are the non-invasive techniques.

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