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  • Otoplasty Surgery Cost in Delhi, Otoplasty Surgeons
    Otoplasty Surgery Cost

    Otoplasty Surgery Cost in Delhi

    Ear plastic surgery or anatomically termed as Otoplasty is a surgical or non- surgical procedure that corrects defects and deformities of Pinna or external ear and reconstructs an absent or deformed or asymmetrical auricle or visible portion of the ear. A patient who is dissatisfied with the shape, size or orientation of external ears can undergo Otoplasty to have the right proportion or position of deformed ears occurred due to trauma or congenital conditions. Ear pining plastic surgery creates contours and natural proportions by moving, reshaping and augmenting pinna, removing extra skin and re-contouring the cartilage and earlobes. Reconstructive ear surgery is conducted for children, adults and middle- aged people to correct the distortions and abnormalities. Dr. Mayank Singh, a leading plastic surgeon based in Delhi, is expert at performing otoplasty to transform the protruding or awkward ears to symmetrical and beautifully structured ears. Otoplasty surgery cost in Delhi can be enquired from Radiance Cosmedic Centre for a complete overview.

    What Otoplasty or ear plastic surgery can treat?

    Otoplasty also comprises of cauliflower ear surgery and ear/ earlobe reduction that is conducted for planning and constructing prominent ears in order to rebuild the confidence of a patient.

    • Macrotia- A rare condition with overly large or enlarge ears
    • Bulging or distanced or protruding external ear or pinna either of the sides in varying degrees
    • Failed primary otoplasty or dissatisfaction with previous ear plastic surgery results

    How Ear plastic surgery or Otoplasty is accomplished?

    Otoplasty or ear reshaping plastic surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia for children and oral sedatives for adults. A trained surgeon forms a tiny incision right behind the ear to bare the cartilage. The exposed cartilage is resized or reshaped by removing or folding or cutting away the excess skin, and the incision site is secured with tiny stiches that fade away after a few weeks of surgery. Ear plastic surgery require 1-2 hours as depending upon the condition of patient and nature of the procedure.

    Essential bandages remain intact to support the operated site and are removed once the initial level recovery is witnessed during the regular examination. The patient can go home the same day after the surgery.

    Recovery and Results of Otoplasty Surgery:

    Mild discomfort after the surgery is obvious and can be mitigated to a great extent by medication. The patient needs to keep the dressing for a week for proper healing. Swelling, stretching and numbness can be experienced around the operated ear region, but it improves once the bandage is removed. Antibiotics and pain killers are prescribed to speed up the recovery.

    Otoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure, so there are rare chances of heavy bleeding, bad swelling, infections or critical pain.

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