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  • Scar Revisions Surgery Delhi Scar Revision Surgeon, Doctor
    Scar Revisions Surgery Delhi

    Scar Revisions Surgery Delhi

    Scar revision surgery, as the name depicts, is an innovative and less invasive surgical technique that is performed to reduce or minimize as well as improve the appearance of general to acute scars occurred as a result of acne burns, accidents and surgery. The degree of scar revision surgery depends upon the severity of scars, including, type, shape and size as well as location. This surgery is capable of correcting disfigurement (skin changes) and restoring the natural functioning of skin affected by wounds, previous operations and multiple injuries.  Amount of recessed or raised or hollow or concave scaring in any texture or colours can be completely treated with respect to natural skin tone and texture. Delhi based Dr. Mayank Singh, a professional plastic surgeon, provides scar revision surgery to both the sexes, including children and youngsters at his highly equipped Radiance cosmedic centre.

    Different scar revision treatments are offered for different scars:

    • Keliod Scars- These scars appear as skin’s overproduction of collagen in the scar site after the wound is healed.
    • Burn scars– Acute burns that results in a large destroyed skin section as the skin heals, tendons and muscles are affected during contraction movement.
    • Facial scars- These are unattractive and ugly in appearance and affect the facial skin texture and colour.
    • Hypertrophic scars- It grows with the boundaries of scar sites but has a raised and thick texture and can also restrict the natural movement of tendons and muscles.

    How scar revision surgery is performed?

    Local or general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation is administrated for the comfort of patients. Dermabrasion and laser surfacing are the proven methods that remove the upper layer of external skin with a précised tool or a laser light to accomplish the procedure for rough and elevated scars. However, the marks will remain but, it will be less visible and smoother.

    Hypertrophic or Keloid scars are treated with injectable steroids to minimize the size. Otherwise, the scars can be removed by performing the surgery and securing the skin with dissolvable stiches that results in less prominent scar.

    Post- Surgery Care:

    Incisions formed by the surgeon diminish with time after complete healing. Discoloration, discomfort, swelling, and pain get subsided by medications and antibiotics. Initial level healing takes 1-2 week. The skin slowly gets refined and fully healed in the following months. Since, it is a minimally invasive method, no major bleeding, serious pain or long- term swelling occurs.

    As a result bad scars get lesser visible or may get diminished after the complete healing of scar revision surgery.

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