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    Hair Transplantation

    Cost of Hair Transplant in Delhi

    Get Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi, NCR

    FUT and FUE are the two aesthetic but distinguished surgical hair transplant techniques that are capable of re-growing the natural hairline permanently by implanting prime quality hair grafts extracted from a “dense donor area”. After the regrowth, the transplanted follicle units cannot be differentiated from an original hairline. The donor area is the site more resistant to hormonal imbalance for removing and implanting the permanent follicle units in the bald or areas of scanty growth. Painless hair transplant procedures are performed after numbing the skin with an anaesthesia injection.

    Dr. Mayank Singh, a prominent hair transplant surgeon at Radiance Cosmedic Centre, Delhi, provides individual sitting to interested patients in order to figure out a suitable FUT or FUE surgical strategy by diligently evaluating the bald or hair thinning areas.

    How FUT helps to regrow the natural hair on the bald head areas?  

    • In FUT or Follicular hair transplant, a scalp section harvested with healthy follicle units is excised and scalpel with the help of microscopic dissection technique. Staples or sutures or stitches are given in the donor area that is the backside of the head. Follicle units ranging from 1-4 hairs are implanted into tiny slits in the bald head area to create a natural hairline.
    • Surgical operating time is per 2000 grafts that last for 5-8 hours. Maximum 2000-2500 follicles can be implanted.
    • The standard healing time is 10-14 days without any critical complication.
    • Postoperative tight skin sensation exists but fades away during the recovery period.
    • Low risk of bleeding & no nerve damage.

    How FUE helps to restore the natural hairline on the bald on thinning areas?  

    • FUE or follicular Unit Extraction is about extracting single follicles from a thick donor site by using a minimal depth punch device and manual placement of hair follicles in the tiny slits. A 0.8 to 1.0 mm punch scoring excision is used to harvest in the upper area and around the skin in diffused areas. No linear scar happens on the scalp during the transplant procedure.
    • Maximum follicles harvested per session are 2000.
    • No linear scar exists on the donor area.
    • Typical recovery time is 3-4 days.
    • No postoperative tight scalp sensation.
    • No risk of bleeding & nerve damage

    Post-Surgery Care for Hair:

    A patient may experience a little numbness, soreness or swelling in donor or recipient site, but these symptoms are mitigated with painkillers. The patient can move back to home the same- day FUT or FUE is performed. Surgical hair transplant procedure begins and ends with a medicated shampoo hair wash.

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