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  • Get the Best Eyebrow Hair Transplantation in Delhi NCR
    Eyebrow Hair Transplantation

    Get the Best Eyebrow Hair Transplantation in Delhi NCR

    Implacable and nicely structured eyebrows enhance the charm of a female’s face and make it noteworthy among hundreds of faces. Eyebrows shape up eyes attractively and contributes to aesthetic look of men and women. Thick or patchy eyebrows or eyebrow hair loss draw unwanted attention to a person’s face and most of the times, a person, especially a woman, feels embarrassed because of inappropriate eyebrow shape. Non- existent or improper eyebrow growth renders one’s confidence in the social circles. Therefore, a hair fall treatment becomes necessary here to get unstructured or ugly eyebrows.

    Following are the common causes behind natural Eyebrow hair loss:
    • Autoimmune, systematic or medical illness,
    • Congenital causes
    • Hormonal abnormalities
    • Accidental or trauma scars
    • Electrical or chemical burns,
    • Radiation or chemotherapy
    • Normal aging process
    • Over- plucking

    Eyebrow hair transplantation is a permanent and beautiful surgical solution to redesign, restore and growing scarred, thin and missing eyebrow hair. This highly artistic solution to such a delicate issue lasts lifelong and blesses a person with lovely eyes. It is a proven transplantation technique that solve the brow hair loss issue forever by arching shape, appropriating thickness, lengthening brows and spacing right between the eyebrows. Eyebrow restoration is a delicate and a faster procedure that require 2 – 3 hours and leaves no linear scar or sutures behind. The donor skin heals easily after this non- invasive transplantation without any pain.

    State- of- the- art hair follicular unit transplantation meticulously takes place under the care of an FUT surgeon by injecting the person with general or local anaesthesia in the surgical area. The procedure involves transplantation of 50 to 325 hairs into each brow. Hair follicles with complete substance are chosen and removed from the donor area “back scalp of ears” and are transplanted discreetly into a chosen area. Each single hair unit is individually transplanted with the smallest diameter. No removal of a skin patch is required. After the procedure, hair regrow at the third month and continue to grow for lifetime. New hair naturally blend with the existing hair and can be plucked or trimmed for make- up purpose. FUT eyebrow technique has no downtimes as it demands minimal aftercare. The patient can leave for home right after the transplantation is done.

    Secure Eyebrow Hair Transplants

    Dr. Mayank Singh is a certified FUT expert who has wonderfully performed thousands of Eyebrow hair transplants in his career till date. He is the leading hair transplant doctor Delhi NCR best known for restoring natural looks of his clients at nominal surgical charges.

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