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  • Get the Best FUE & FUT Hair Transplant Method in Delhi NCR
    FUE & FUT Method

    FUE & FUT Hair Transplant Method

    FUE & FUT Method Done Simultaneously

    FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant are two unique and innovative hair restoration techniques that help to graft hair follicles onto the bald or thin or patchy head areas without no prominent suture or scar. Both hair transplants are the permanent hair fall treatment solutions are immensely popular, but if a patient needs to maximize the grafts then both FUE & FUT done simultaneously under the care of an experienced hair transplant surgeon. Combining FUE & FUT together for producing more grafts up to five or six thousand while still concealing any scalp scar is a Hybrid procedure. This rare procedure can be performed one the same day in a single surgical setting that includes removal of hair from the donor areas and insertion in the recipient area.

    FUE & FUT simultaneously is recommended for the patients who are:

    • Suffering due to heavy hair loss due and have plenty of area for hair transplantation for which 5000 – 6000 grafts needed to be put. Patients must be interested in as many as grafts possible.
    • Willing to wear hair at least half an inch long and plans to continue the same.
    • Tolerating or shaving visible stitches at the back scalp for about 3 weeks until the new hair regrows to conceal the less visible scars.

    The benefit of getting FUE & FUT hair transplant done simultaneously is that a wide hair loss area can be restored with hair units in a single surgery. Patients, who express their interest in this combined procedure, must have good health and dense hair donor area to provide the number of grafts required during the procedure. It may take a day long to complete the transplantation procedure, whereas the aftercare remains the same for a patient. No major complications or blood loss or scar risks are associated with this hybrid hair transplant procedure.

    Dr. Mayank Singh is a renowned hair transplant surgeon who offers FUT method in Delhi and FUT method in Delhi services with a dedicated team of hair transplant specialists. An in- person consultation with Dr. Mayank Singh is necessary to determine if you are the right candidate for this Hybrid hair transplant procedure.

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