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  • Fut Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi | FUT Hair Treatment
    Fut Hair Transplant

    Fut Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi

    FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant is a “no visible scar” hair transplant technique that involves strip harvesting on to the bald head area. A follicular hair unit, including the skin is extracted from the back of head and is distributed into single, double and triple hair grafts. This narrow hair strip contains genetic information and is recommended for people suffering due to baldness and has a permanent “Donor area” to perform the hair transplant. Re- distribution of permanent results in life- long hair growth hair lasts throughout a lifetime even in old age too. The donor scar occurred due to hair strip removal can be concealed or rendered by falling of hair and no- 2 hair cut are recommended for the patient. FUT as a hair fall treatment involves three major stages- hair follicles extraction, grafts and hair transplant.

    During the medical procedure, a patient gets a medical shampoo wash, and the next stop is about stunning the head by injecting local anaesthesia in order to make the surgical procedure thoroughly painless. An FUT expert surgeon removes a hair strip having dominant hair follicles  that is further separated into hair grafts. Meanwhile, the patient receives breakfast or lunch and can also relax. After the hair strand distribution, the surgeon uses Slit technique in which micro needles of 0.6 form a few tiny holes of 0.8 mm on the scalp with utmost precisions. The grafts will now be transplanted in the created holes immaculately so that a naked eye could not distinguish the different between translated or natural hair areas. For 100% natural results, advanced FUT techniques are used to perform the procedure on the right client. Innovative closure technique called Trichophytic is practiced by the FUT surgeons for obtaining minimum scarring after hair strip extraction. Only micro scars such as small dots can be visible after surgical recovery. The FUT surgical procedure ends with a medical shampoo and the patient returns to home the same day.

    Follicular Unit Transplant is less time- consuming and is a successful hair transplant technique for achieving a natural- looking hairline with good hair density. FUT method in Delhi is offered by renowned FUT skilled surgeon Dr. Mayank Singh at his established clinic Radiance Cosmedic Centre that can be availed by making an online appointment.

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