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    Hair Loss treatment in Delhi NCR


    Persistent hair loss and hair thinning are the common causes behind male pattern baldness. Follicular Unit transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are the two incredible surgical solutions that permanently repair the baldness and refill the hair patches with primitive follicular units to restore the natural aesthetically appealing hairline. These hair restoration surgical procedures are carried out on the eligible patients after screening as well as inspecting the density & quality of present follicular units. As being minimally invasive hair fall treatments, these retain no major risk to the scalp during and after surgery, no blood loss occurs and no ugly scar blemishes the skin for a long time. Exclusive hair fall treatment in Delhi NCR are available at the famous Radiance Cosmedic Centre is established by Dr. Mayank Singh, a famous hair transplant practiced surgeon, to help out the mankind with the ground- breaking hair transplant methods.

    FUT also known as linear strip method, is a surgical technique that includes the removal of a hair- strip embedded with natural hair follicles from the back side of the head or the donor area. The removed strip is surgically fixed at the recipient site that involves the use of sutures, scalpels and staples. Hair transplant is accomplished in a single sitting of 5-8 hours. Typical hair length preference is medium in FUT. FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction hair harvesting surgical technique involves the extraction of signal hair follicles by plucking by using précised devices. Plucked hair units from the sides or the back side of the head are transplanted onto the punched recipient site prepared by an accurate needle wider than 0.95mm.  The main focus is on the quality of grafts as many as can be extracted and implanted in the units of 1-4 hairs. Both hair restoration surgeries are performed under local anaesthesia that is injected into the scalp under the supervision of an expert anaesthetic. The patient receives breakfast and lunch including refreshments during the procedure.

    The treated area heals within a few days with mild soreness, swelling and numbness but without acute pain and any complication. Notable hair line restoration results are visible in just 3-4 weeks, whereas regrowth of original hair can be seen in just a week. Medicated shampoo is prescribed to wash out the head. Painkillers are given to control the mild pain. The patient is relieved the same day the surgical procedure is accomplished.

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