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  • Hair Restoration Procedure Delhi
    Hair Restoration Procedure Delhi

    Hair Restoration Procedure Delhi

    Noteworthy outcome of a successful hair transplant surgical is a natural looking appealing hairline with a sound hair density. FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant or FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction are the robust hair restoration procedure to regrow a great amount of hair by extracting and implanting quality hair grafts on the bald head regions of a hair- loss patient. Over the last decades, FUT has evolved into modern FUE in order to accomplish complete naturalness of newly grown hair grafts that are undistinguished for a healthy eye. Dr. Mayank Singh excels in the field of Hair Restoration surgery by successfully practicing hair restoration procedure Delhi FUT and FUE at his Delhi based Radiance Cosmedic Centre. A suitable hair transplant surgical procedure is carried out after diligently diagnosing the condition of donor areas as well as breadth of the lost hair crown or receding hairline.

    Comprehensive advantageous of FUT Offered by Radiance Cosmedic Centre at a glance: 

    • FUT helps in increasing hair graft harvest, but proficient Dr. Mayank Singh with his surgical team precisely work at keeping quality and integrity of implanted hair follicles.
    • Elimination of graft damage is ensured the FUT procedure to yield maximum hair restoration results as well as re-growing excellent quality grafts.
    • A specialized procedure is conducted to minimize as well as conceal the linear surgical scar.
    • FUT surgical procedure is conducted as depending upon the degree of hair loss in a single sitting consist of a 5-8 hours that delivers noticeable results without acute pain and trauma.

     Exclusive advantageous of FUE provided by Radiance Cosmedic Centre at a glance:

    • Dr. Mayank Singh is renowned in the field of FUE for his aesthetic eye to carefully plan and design the extraction and transplantation for harvesting individual follicles to steer natural- looking impressive hair re-growth results.
    • FUE is conducted for small, medium and long hair- length without skin- tightening, lesser donor scars and no scalp nerve damage and heavy bleeding. A patient after post- operative FUE can also go for a shaven hairstyle.
    • Optimal hair results are accomplished by identifying and selecting the finest quality hair follicles for adding volume to thinner or receding hairline to increase the hair density.
    • Body hairs can be used in case the donor area has thinner growth or the patient is with low- donor area. Hair grafts are not limited for FUE.
    • FUE ensures the faster recovery as it is a less invasive technique that can be accomplished in 2 consecutive days where each session is consist of 7-8 hours.

    FUT or FUE, hair restoration procedure Delhi, are available at affordable prices at Dr. Mayank Singh’s Clinic.

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