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  • Hair Transplant Doctor Delhi NCR
    Hair Transplant Doctor Delhi NCR

    Hair Transplant Doctor Delhi

    Incandescent and natural- looking hairline adds to a flamboyant personality that every man and woman want to exhibit. Extensive receding of hairlines is the outcome of several traumatic physical, psychological and genetic factors, including prolonged illness. Advanced hair transplant surgeries FUT and FUE without any resultant pain and heavy bleeding harvest the healthy follicle units on the bald region under the administration of local or general anaesthesia. Radiance Cosmedic centre is a famous hair transplant clinic founded by Dr Mayank Singh; an aesthetic hair transplant doctor Delhi, NCR.  This hair restoration centre is equipped with ground- breaking FUT and FUE surgical devices and high- tech instruments along with the best in-patient amenities. Dr Mayank Singh has transformed the life of millions of domestic and overseas patients by undertaking and successfully accomplishing a mega session of general to critical hair transplant cases. Hair transplant surgeries are performed under the strict eye of stereo- microscope by using précised punching devices and sterilised needles with a formidable team of anaesthetist and hair transplant experts and nurses.

    Are you a suitable candidate for availing FUT or FUE hair transplant procedure?

    Dr Mayank Singh and his dedicated team believe that realistic expectations are required to educate a patient as well as spreading awareness about hair transplant surgeries. A suitable hair harvesting surgery is suggested to a candidate with healthy and dense hair follicles with no absolute contraindications to the surgery. A donor area with thick hair- growth for a stable supply of donor hair follicles is essential. The ideal age for carrying out hair restoration surgeries is 30 and the patient should not have a family history of male or female pattern baldness.

    How is FUT or FUE advised to a prospective patient?

    Male pattern baldness or hair thinning is concealed as well as regrown by FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) or also known as conventional strip technique, and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or extraction of individual grafts. Female Pattern Baldness, a natural hairline is harvested by FUE surgical technique. Dissected anatomical units in the group of 1-4 are implanted in the punched holes with a fine needle.

    Selection of the right hair transplant surgery depends upon the condition of the donor site that is the back side or sides on the head. Patients who want to wear short or very short hair can opt for FUE whereas FUT goes appropriately to the patients who are willing to have long hair approximately 2-4 inches.

    Dr Mayank Singh shares the commendable rapport with his patients as being a prominent hair transplant doctor, Delhi, NCR and is daily visited by several patients with immense faith to resolve their hair loss issue.

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