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  • Hair Transplant Results Delhi
    Hair Transplant Results

    Hair Transplant Results Delhi


    The advanced and accurate technique is used; the good results follow. The core objective of accomplishing FUT or FUE hair restoration surgeries is to restore the healthy and natural hair line on the patchy or bald head areas. Follicular Unit Transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction are the permanent surgical methods to hair loss that are an integral part of mainstream modern medicine that delivers 100% satisfactory without any acute complications. Nonetheless, the primitive quality grafts guarantee the promised results. A skilled transplant surgeon undertakes several deciding factors before performing a befitting hair transplant method that entirely depends upon the present condition of baldness and density of donor regions. Both minimal invasive hair harvesting techniques are 100% risk free and possess their set of advantages. Alopecia is the main root- cause behind premature hair fall at a rapid rate. Hair transplant results Delhi provide an everlasting solution to males’ and females’ pattern baldness in a single sitting of few hours.

    Dr. Mayank Singh believes in involving every aspect of his till date experience of conducting hair transplant surgeries to achieve anticipated results of re- growing an original and appealing hairline.  Improved clinical outcomes are assured at Radiance Cosmedic Centre, Delhi by using the microscope dissection and précised micro punching devices.

    FUT Method in Delhi Results Offered by Radiance Cosmedic Centre:

    A conventional “Strip surgical” method that involves a thick hair ribbon with scalp removed or cut from the backside area of head or donor area and dissected under an empowered microscope in a group of 1-4 hairs to implant in tiny slots punched by the surgeon. Hair starts to regrow within 3-4 weeks. Preferably, 2000-2500 hair grafts can be restored on to the bald area in a single scheduled. The typical length of hair is medium in this procedure. This technique is healthy to transplant hair units on the front and top of the head.

    FUE method in Delhi Results Offered by Radiance Cosmedic Centre:

    During FUE surgical procedure, hair follicles are extracted without surrounding tissues from back side or sides of the head and are rooted into the small punched holes. This technique is suitable for implanting 2000 grafts in a single sitting to form a symmetrical hair line in order to cover thin to thick bald scalp regions. Moreover, FUE is gaining popularity over FUT for its less recovery time that is 3-4 days only.

    In a nutshell, the pre- operative and post- operative process of FUT and FUE is similar, whereas the surgical fundamentals differ. Oral sedation or local tumescent anaesthesia is given to the patient. The recovery is quick, and the pain can be controlled with medicines. No risk of infection in the donor or recipient sites is assured.

    Hair Transplant Surgery Before and After Results


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