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  • Male Pattern Baldness Hair Loss
    Male Pattern Baldness

    Male Pattern Baldness Hair Loss

    Alopecia or male pattern hair thinning or hair loss is the common type of hair loss pattern among men that is medically related to male sex hormone Androgen that regulates the hair growth. Also known as androgen alopecia, it occurs due to genetic or hormone predisposition that defined as an underlying predilection from hair follicles to androgenetic miniaturization. Each hair strand grows in a tiny cavity known as follicle and over the time, cavities begin to shrink that results in heavy hair-loss that subsequently causes baldness. Males with hairline recession at vertex and temples suffer due to classic alopecia. A rim of hair on the sides of the head scalp remains but only diffuse thinning occurs, and it does not result in total hair loss. Male pattern thinning or baldness on the crown is a potential outcome of heredity structure also that is not harmful as the follicles remain alive, thus, it is possible to re- grown the hair again. Radiance Cosmedic Centre offers promising hair restoration procedure in Delhi performed by Dr. Mayank Singh, the best hair transplant doctor Delhi NCR, with an enthusiastic team of hair transplant experts.

    Reportedly, 40% of women and 70% of men suffer from alopecia at a certain point in life. Nevertheless, Alopecia occurs natural and is triggered by several environmental, physiological and genetic factors. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) or FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) are the effective surgical solutions to restore the lost hair on the bald or thinning regions of the head. Both advanced techniques are less invasive and have minimal risk of bleeding, infection, pain and infections. Local anaesthesia is injected to accomplish the procedure fruitfully.

    How to Surgeon Decide about FUT or FUE procedure to harvest the lost hair?

    At a very first screening, the type and width of bald head regions is evaluated to outline the suitable surgical transplant strategy. Donor area is the back side or sides on the head, whereas the recipient area is aesthetically designed and planned to carry out the surgery. FUT is an excision procedure in which a strip embossed with quality hair follicles is extracted via cut and after microscopic dissection, it is harvested on the tiny cavities punched by the surgeon. FUT is suitable for grafting 2000-2500 grafts. During FUE procedure, an amount of 2000 single hair grafts in the unit of 1-4 hairs are extracted and implanted in the punched bald area in a single schedule.

    Patients with heavy hair loss or significantly broad bald patches go through a FUT & FUE simultaneously    surgical procedure to cater of the requirement of implanting 5000-6000 grafts.

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